Lacona Volunteer Fire Department

A brief history of who we are

Firefighting in Lacona has a long standing history starting with the very early bucket brigades in the 1800s. We have a long history of neighbor helping neighbor to protect their families and property. We need your help to continue this long standing tradition.

In 1885 the Village Board voted to purchase the first fire fighting apparatus and later that same year voted to form the first formal fire company. The first formal engine house was constructed in 1887 and the first uniforms appear to have been purchased in 1898. Then in 1913 the village disbanded the old fire company, formed a new 20 member hose company, and installed a call bell at Blount Lumber so that their whistle could be used to signal members to action.

From 1913 to 1930 the department continued to change and develop and in 1941 new more modern uniforms were purchased that served into the 1980s.  In 1959 the Village Board voted to join the Oswego County Mutual Aid plan to encourage Communities to lend aid as needed to each other. In 1962, the Village contracted with Boylston to offer protection to their Township as well.

In 1967 the first Lacona Fireman’s Field Days were approved and held. In 1971 plans to erect a new Firehall were discussed and in November, 1973 moved into newly constructed Firehall still in use today.

As firefighting technology has changed the Department has continued to evolve with it. New equipment is purchased on a regular basis and our Volunteers have the opportunity to train on and utilize it to protect our Communities in our area.

A more detailed history is available at the Firehall that records the major changes to staffing and equipment throughout the years. Join us and become part of that history today.

LFD Original Firehouse Location




We stand ready to serve at a moments notice when minutes count.

Protecting both life and property.



A long standing history of selfless service speaks for itself.



We serve our Community and everyone in it.

We also stand ready to lend a hand to other Communities in Oswego County.

This is our extended family.