The Lacona Volunteer Fire Department’s Mission to protect life and property, is a serious duty that can not happen without volunteers, like you.

For over 134 years, Lacona residents have contributed their skills to the fire service in their community. These individuals bring to the department varied levels of education, experience and personalities. During their fire service, they create unique memories, friendships that last a lifetime, and most important, each individual builds a sense of pride that comes from being part of a respected company.


Join us today

Being a volunteer firefighter takes effort, dedication, and time but the benefits of saving lives and protecting your community makes every minute worth while. While recognizing that these efforts are a significant commitment you should realize that there are also many rewards.

Here are some of the benefits of server with the Lacona Fire Department:

  • The satisfaction of knowing that you are an important part of keeping your community safe.
  • Working as a team and building long lasting relationships and friendships.
  • Cultivating new skills that can help in all facets of your life and prepare you for a possible new career.
  • Getting your hands dirty in the middle of the excitement.
  • Receiving college credits for training you take.
  • The possibility of receiving state tax credits.
  • Getting free training and expanding your skills!
  • A true sense of belonging to our extended family.

Just imagine if you dialed 911 and no one answered the call. Don’t hesitate, click on the Contact Us link above and give us a call, email, Facebook message and we’ll do the rest.

Not only Firefighters

Where are you? You don’t have to join us solely to be in the middle of the action. A fire department has many facets to which you can lend your skills. A few examples of these:

  • CPR & First Aid or EMT medical Support – Deploy those medical skills in additional ways.
  • Maintenance Tasks – Lend your skills to building, equipment, or grounds.
  • Public Education – Teaching prevention and safety to our community.
  • Auxiliary Groups – Helping with community and other department events.
  • Fund raising – We are more than just Chicken Barbecues, we need your talents.
  • Grant Writing – Funding operations is a constant challenge. Technology continues to improve and with it, the cost to obtain it.
  • School District Liaison – Youth service fundamentals to prepare the volunteers of tomorrow.
  • IT Support – Computer systems, networking, web sites, and more. A modern department communicates in many way.
  • Advertising – With our web efforts we have an ongoing need to utilize traditional media outlets.

The Lacona Fire Department is in desperate need of of people just like you………….. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can’t contribute. We all rely on the services that this company provides to our community.


We are asking you here and now, please join with us to continue our mission!

Duty, Honor, and Community.